About holistic healing

As its name suggests, the holistic approach in medicine seeks to treat patients in a manner that addresses their entire being—their “holistic” self.

Instead of looking at illnesses as exclusive to their affected areas, holistic medicine views maladies as the result of an imbalance in the patient’s life as a whole. The philosophy views people as an integrated system of mind, body, and soul that we should strive to keep in harmony for optimal health. Consequently, it believes that when one of the personal elements in a person’s life is disrupted, the effects can spread to other areas in a person’s being.

In considering the patient’s unique circumstances and their overall state of health, holistic healing includes all forms of treatment that would be most personally beneficial to the patient, and is not restricted to conventional medicine; alternative forms of medicine can also be included.

For example, in treating a patient suffering from substance abuse, a healthcare provider working with the holistic approach would seek to address any underlying mental health factors that may have caused the addiction in the first place. If the patient happens to find joy in creative outlets, then they could be recommended to engage in art therapy, along with counseling, and other more common forms of treatment.

In order to treat the patient’s suffering at its root, holistic-based treatment seeks to heal the patient in multiple different aspects. By looking at all the systems of a patient’s life, this method seeks to treat and restore any imbalances, simultaneously healing the patient of their illness, and ideally preventing potential relapses.

At our rehabilitation center, we know that treating addiction is not as simple as pure abstinence from substances; We believe that in order to truly combat substance abuse, we must also address whatever pain and personal struggles have allowed it to form in the first place. With this in mind, our team at Divine House considers all aspects of our patients’ wellbeing and includes holistic-based treatment in order to best help our patients in their journey to recovery.

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