About Divine House & Divine Life

Divine House and Divine Life provide individualized treatment plans to people in San Diego, CA

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How Divine House and Divine Life Began

To understand our commitment to the addiction and mental health of our San Diego community you need to know why our founders opened Divine House and Divine Life.

Dr. Yashwant Chaudhri

Dr. Chaudrhi is a psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience; he has committed his life to providing effective and individual-based mental health treatment so that his patients may live fulfilled lives. In his practice, he has seen countless people come into his office desperate for help because they struggled for years trying to cope with the stressors of life but were unable to identify the root of their issues. So often, the prolonged suffering of these individuals resulted in self-medication, toxic behaviors and, ultimately, their self-destruction.

Dr. Mai Linh Hoang

Dr. Hoang began her career as a pharmacist 10 years ago, wanting to improve people’s health by providing the necessary medication to help heal people. In her career, Dr. Hoang witnessed firsthand the reality of the opioid crisis. As her customers were unable to seek out the mental and physical help they so desperately needed, they began self-medicating at an alarming rate—relying on alcohol and opioids to treat their pain.

A Combination of 30 Years of Experience

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Together, Dr. Chaudrhi and Dr. Hoang realized that by combining their 30 years of experience in the healthcare system they could start to close the gap between mental health and addiction. Their vision was to establish both a Dual Diagnosis Inpatient program for substance abuse, Divine House, as well as a Primary Mental Health Outpatient program for mental health, Divine Life, in La Mesa, California.

Both programs could work independently of one another or collaboratively based on the individual needs of the client. With love for their work and a genuine passion for helping people, Dr. Chaudrhi and Dr. Hoang have cultivated a team of exceptional physical health, mental health and addiction professionals to treat the entire individual—not just their addiction.

Rehabilitation Services at Divine House and Divine Life Now

Having opened in the middle of a global pandemic, Dr. Chaudrhi and Dr. Hoang witnessed their community’s struggles with mental health during the quarantine and the devastating effects that isolation had on society. In response to this critical need for primary mental health services, they expanded their venture to include a primary mental health outpatient center to help everyone in San Diego.

Today, our doctors are proud to offer a genuine full continuum of care. From Inpatient Detox, Residential, Sober Living, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Outpatient (IOP), Primary Mental Health Outpatient, and more, the vision of Dr. Chaudrhi and Dr. Hoang is realized in the team, services and facilities of Divine House and Divine Life.

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Adults battling with addiction and/or mental health have a safe and comfortable setting that promotes healing, and where a collaborative team of board-certified medical and psychiatric doctors, addiction treatment professionals and mental health professionals directly oversee each client and the individualized programs they attend. All clients receive unmatched personalized care and compassion with individualized treatment plans and a variety of therapeutic approaches provided by a specialized team of therapists.

Inpatient clients enjoy luxury accommodations and vista views at the Divine House six-bedroom residential facility, and outpatient clients enjoy comfort and accessibility at the beautifully remodeled Divine Life three-office facility—conveniently located just minutes away from the Divine House inpatient residence. In full support of lasting recovery, our Divine House outpatient program offers clients a beautifully furnished, comfortable, and safe gender-based home where they may continue their progress and return to their daily activities.

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This is how Divine House and Divine Life came to be, and it is why you can expect the absolute highest level of care from every one of our programs!