Alcohol and Cannabis abuse during pregnancy

When a mother keeps a new life inside her womb, she wants the best for the new life that will come in this world. She wants a healthy and happy child but forgets that everything that a mother consumes during her pregnancy time, the same is fed to the child inside the womb. While some food can be nutritious and healthy, simultaneous use of recreational cannabis and alcohol can be harmful to the fetus inside the mother’s womb. Consumption of any of the two, whether cannabis or alcohol, is detrimental to a pregnant lady and must be stopped before she conceives to give birth to a healthy child. Alcohol dependence and cannabis dependence can be harmful to both the mother and the child. All in all, one must stop the consumption of such substances while one is pregnant.

How does cannabis and alcohol consumption, or be it any other substance that affects the baby inside the womb? 

 You and your baby are connected with the placenta and umbilical cord—anything and everything that enters your body travels directly to your baby. Consuming substances like cannabis oil or alcohol might create severe issues in your fetus being very sensitive to drugs and other substances. The fetus cannot eliminate these substances independently, resulting in augmenting chemical effects that might damage the baby’s delicate system. 

Which are the most severe consequences of Alcohol and Cannabis abuse?

Some significant issues in the new born baby due to excessive consumption of substances like cannabis and alcohol include miscarriage, stillbirth, small size, low birth weight, premature birth, sudden infant death syndrome, and drug dependency. The low birth weight places an infant at a higher risk for various disorders, intellectual disability, and even death. Premature birth causes the risk of lung, eye, and learning difficulties in the infant. 

Birth deficiencies that often occur due to drug use include seizure, stroke, and intellectual and learning disabilities. The fetus can become reliant on the mother’s drugs and may experience withdrawal symptoms after delivery. All these are counted under alcohol cannabis disorder.

Alcohol and Cannabis use during early pregnancy can influence the development of organs and appendages of the baby. Indeed, even one scene of medication use during this period can influence the development of your kid. By and large, it brings about a birth imperfection of premature delivery. Substance consumed later in pregnancy can influence the progress of your infant’s focal sensory system. After pregnancy, numerous medications can go through bosom milk and mischief the infant. Utilizing any kind of illicit substance during pregnancy can detrimentally affect your child.

Cannabis use during pregnancy and risk of adverse birth outcomes

In general, ladies who don’t avoid cannabis in pregnancy are also occupied with other dangerous practices, such as liquor and tobacco use. Cannabis use during pregnancy raises concerns because pre-birth cannabis openness might be related to unfavorable birth results. A few examinations have shown diminished birthweight or potentially decreased fetal development after cannabis exposure. 

Speaking of CBD oil or Cannabidiol oil found in hemp and marijuana plants, although it does not have high toxics, its consumption during pregnancy is not advisable. Studies explicitly show high doses of CBD in pregnant guinea pigs have caused issues with the regenerative arrangement of creating male babies. Furthermore, in light of what they think about CBD, the FDA expects to move some measures of CBD to children through bosom milk. The FDA additionally states that CBD items can be debased with substances that may represent a danger to the breastfed child, including THC.

Does Alcohol drinking cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)?

FASD ( Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders ) and FAS( Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ) allude to a scope of issues brought about by drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause strange facial highlights, development inadequacy, and issues with the central sensory system. Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) may also have learning incapacities, attention span disorders, and other physical disabilities, including vision and hearing problems. There is no “safe” limit of alcohol utilization during pregnancy. A few examinations have discovered that modest quantities of liquor utilization can have similar unfavorable consequences for the fetus as hitting the bottle hard.

To shield your child from the liquor-related hazard, drinking during the initial three months of pregnancy must be avoided. This is when significant organ development happens. Thus, you should quit drinking liquor if you plan on getting pregnant sooner rather than later. 


The child inside the womb must remain healthy and fit. A little while may pass before you know you’re pregnant. You would prefer not to opt hazard drinking or a harmful substance during a vital time in your child’s turn of events. Any substance abuse such as alcohol and CBD oil might result in a disastrous ending that any parent would not want. Healthy and nutritious food are essential for the proper development of the child. This must ensure that all that goes inside is consumed, keeping the little one in mind.