What Our Premier Rehabilitation Facility Offers

For proper healing, one must nourish the soul.

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A Culinary Experience.

They say, “Love People. Cook them tasty food.”

Divine House co-founder, Dr. Mai Linh Hoang, knows the important role good, fresh food plays in the healing process. A “foodie” at heart and master in her own kitchen, you will often find Mai creating dishes from around the world to entertain her guests. To bring that same experience to Divine House, she has a staff of culinary-trained experts that will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the guests. Every meal is prepared fresh. There’s no such thing as frozen “meal prep” at Divine House.


Perched high above the property and overlooking the grounds of Divine House, our elevated Yoga Deck is the perfect place to escape for a little yoga session or moment of meditation. With an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean, there’s no better focal point for a Sun Salutation than the setting sun. Namaste.
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