An alternative to 12-Step Programs

Some of the most well-known substance abuse programs follow a common format known as “12 Steps,” among which include Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. However, despite being widely recognized and long-standing, 12-Step Programs may not be the right fit for everyone. The 12-Step Program includes many spiritual references, specifically to God, and encourages individuals to submit themselves to a higher power and admit “powerlessness” to the substance of their addiction. While this form of treatment has undoubtedly been effective for many people, some individuals have felt alienated and uncomfortable with the healing process in these 12-Step programs–whether it be because monotheistic spirituality does not align with their own world view, or because they have grown distant from their faith, or because they feel demoralized by how 12 Steps implies that they are “diseased.”

At the Divine House, we promote and offer an alternate path to recovery. Instead of making individuals feel helpless in their recovery, we believe in empowering patients with holistic, therapeutic practices based on empirical and evidence-based methods. We also incorporate tenets from SMART Recovery, a program based on a psychotherapeutic methodology that’s focused on helping individuals achieve emotional well-being and rational decision making. 

Our team consists of various licensed medical and psychological professionals who are committed to giving our patients the best, most effective treatment possible. Instead of religious-based spirituality, our team focuses on mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-love. Treatment at the Divine House is largely based on cognitive behavioral therapy, which strives to improve emotional regulation in patients and create a healthy mindset that leads recovering patients away from a reliance on drugs and alcohol. Additionally, our holistic approach to treatment seeks to restore balance to the individual’s mind, body, and soul. From acupuncture to art therapy, at the Divine House, you will find a wide range of available treatments that can be catered to your personal needs. 

We invite all people seeking treatment for substance abuse to find help and support with our team–especially those who have previously felt unseen and disheartened by 12-Step Programs. We promise that at the Divine House you’ll be able to follow the path to recovery in a successful way that doesn’t include the standard 12-Step Program methods. With open minds and an array of holistic, therapeutic, and reliable forms of treatment, the Divine House offers all of its patients the experience to elevate their understanding and sense of self through unique, innovative forms of healing.