Beyond addiction treatment: What the Divine House Rehab Center offers

Have you been looking for a rehab facility that does more than just “treat the addiction?” Does it feel like you’re fighting against your chemical dependency as well as mental illness? Here at the Divine House, we tailor our services to every patients’ needs. By focusing on their specific struggles, we’re able to provide a better, more unique treatment for the individual. Through that, we’re able to help them towards rehabilitating their body, but also their mind and soul, too.

A Focus on Co-Occurring Disorders

Substance abuse issues and mental health concerns are extremely difficult for a person to deal with individually. When someone has to contend with both at the same time, it can be that much more challenging. That’s why we offer specific treatment for co-occurring disorders. All too often, other facilities will focus on one at the expense of another. For example, treating substance abuse issues without addressing mental health concerns leads almost inevitably to relapse. By that same token, it’s nigh-impossible to make real, lasting progress in terms of mental health improvement while abusing substances. At our center, we deal with both at the same time, so that you can take those all important steps towards lasting recovery.


Detox and Beyond at the Divine House Rehab Center

For many, the first step on the road to recovery is detoxification. This can also be one of the most physically perilous steps on the journey. That’s why, at our facility, you’ll be watched over by trained medical professionals. Under their care, we’ll help to ease you through detox as much as possible. It may not be possible to make everyone’s detoxification “easy,” but our pros can ensure that your detox is “easier.” Above all, you’ll be able to safely come through the crucial process of detoxification.

Treating the Body and the Mind

No matter what substance a person abuses, one thing they tend to lack is stability. Specifically, that’s stability in their thoughts and behaviors. This is just one of the reasons that at our center, we do everything in our power to assist with mental health. Our goal is always to do what we can to help someone to lead a healthy, happy, and sober life once they leave our facility. A major factor towards that: establishing a real stability in thought and behavior. We can show you how.


Specific Treatment for or Someone You Care About

Everyone’s substance abuse problems are different. So, we believe that they should be treated differently, too. That’s why, for example, we offer gender specific treatment, helping those who prefer the intimacy of specific treatment by gender. It’s one more way that we can make our treatments more individualized, more specific, and ultimately more beneficial to the patient. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, no matter how rough it may be, know that there is hope. To talk to someone at our facility, you can message us through our site or call (858) 349-3760.