COVID Policy

Concerns About Coronavirus and Seeking Treatment (COVID-19)

Mask and Facial Covering Requirements

Divine House is initiating important updates to our facial covering policies during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Effective immediately, we will require that all new patients wear a mask or facial covering while outside of their rooms until their COVID-19 testing results are confirmed to be negative. The goal is to prevent any spread of the virus to any other residents or staff prior to receiving test results.
face masks to protect from covid19

There is no higher priority at the Divine House than the health and safety of our residents, and employees. We’re keeping a close watch on the developing global and local health situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking precautionary measures to minimize risk.

All new admissions must wear a mask or facial covering during their first few days of treatment.

  • Intakes may take off their mask in their assigned bedrooms when alone

  • New admissions may take off their masks outside and more than 6 feet away from other individuals.

  • New admissions may take off their masks to eat but should be more than 6 feet away from all other individuals

  • Please continue to encourage social distancing, particularly in all shared areas

  • New residents must wear facial coverings until the testing results are returned which generally takes 36 – 48 hours, but could be longer based on circumstances beyond our control

  • During this initial period of time before test result are returned, patients will be invited to attend individual and groups session with current social distancing and facial covering practices.

    — They should wear a facial covering during these sessions unless they can be positioned more than 6 feet away from all group members

  • ALL staff must wear a mask when within 6 feet of a patient at ALL times regardless of their negative test result.

Divine House is following all CDC requirements to minimize the risk of COVID at our facility.