Helpful Tips for Staying Sober

For those who have struggled with addiction, sobriety isn’t just a milestone; it’s a lifelong journey. The desire to use substances again may wax and wane over time, and knowing how to manage those urges is crucial to preventing relapse.

The good news is that there are many ways people in recovery can combat temptation, avoid triggers, and create a lifestyle that supports ongoing sobriety and wellness. This may mean  replacing old habits with sober activities, attending support group meetings or reaching out to drug and alcohol treatment facilities. By identifying the triggers that cause the urge, individuals can purposefully design a life that supports their success.

In addition to sober group activities and lifestyle adjustments, tending to mental health is also very important. It’s a good idea to keep practicing the kinds of behavioral health skills learned at alcohol rehabs. It’s also important for those who are stumbling in their recovery to remember that challenges and setbacks are completely normal. There’s no such thing as a perfect journey, and the true goal is to live an authentic, joyful life.

In this handy infographic, Divine House offers some easy, effective tips for avoiding triggers and maintaining long-term sobriety.

Helpful Tips for Staying Sober Infographic