Holistic Treatment Services at the Divine House Center


At the Divine House, all clients are provided with the opportunity to participate in a variety of holistic services each week. Our team believes that these activities are essential to creating full-body wellness in the recovering individual; in order to be mentally healthy, you must also be emotionally and physically healthy. By participating in these services, individuals at the Divine House will make progress in their path to recovery and may even discover new, lifelong hobbies and practices.

Massage Therapy

Massages allow clients to tap into physical sensations that will boost self-awareness of what’s going on in their own bodies. Addiction causes individuals to lose consciousness of their physical wellbeing, and massage therapy offers those in recovery the unique experience of reconnecting with their body. Because skin, the largest sensory organ, conveys touch and pressure immediately to the nervous system, the relaxation provided by massages can be extremely effective and soothing.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice and is a popular form of alternative medicine in eastern practices. This form of treatment is believed to restore the flow of vitality, or qi, in the body through the skilled, precise application of thin needles into the body. Many clients report elevated feelings of tranquility after acupuncture sessions, which can help recovering individuals manage urges, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms.


Watsu is a form of full-body aquatic therapy in which individuals are gently placed and supported in warm pools. Using a combination of massage, Zen Shiatsu, and stretching, Watsu allows individuals to enter a state of deep peace. Alternating between rocking motions and complete stillness in the warm water, during Watsu sessions, clients can relax their entire body and release mental and emotional stress.

Physical Fitness Training

With a personal trainer, clients will be able to engage in high-quality, personalized exercise. Our team is aware that everybody has unique circumstances when it comes to physical exercise, and we will keep this in mind as we program individuals’ sessions. While physical exercise has obvious benefits in regards to personal health, what makes exercise beneficial to clients at the Divine House are the mental benefits, which include reduced stress due to endorphins released during the workout and improved quality of sleep and increased self-confidence.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a form of psychotherapy that aims to help individuals recover from emotional trauma. Clients will work with trained therapists to remember traumatic events while visually focusing on an object controlled by the therapist as it is moved in repetitive motions. EMDR has been proven to significantly reduce the levels of pain and distress that these memories cause in the individual.  For those at the Divine House, this form of therapy can be highly beneficial in helping recovering clients to resolve the root of their addiction to substances.

Art Therapy

Clients will work with therapists to create artwork in order to overcome emotional distress. Working under guidance, individuals participating in art therapy will improve their cognitive and sensory-motor skills, as well as increasing mindfulness as individuals reflect on their creations.


Hypnosis can be a powerful tool for decreasing stress and addictive behavior. Individuals are guided into a deeply relaxed state. In this state begin “trances” in which individuals are instructed to intensely concentrate on a particular subject. Sessions can help clients work through a variety of psychological ailments, however, for those with substance abuse problems, hypnotherapy is useful as a soothing agent for anxiety, trauma, and cravings.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is an ancient practice that originates from South Asia. Although there are many different variations of this practice, generally, its goal is for individuals to achieve mental and spiritual enlightenment by disciplining their bodies. By participating in yoga sessions, clients at the Divine House will take the time to slow down and concentrate on their movements. Long stretches and strengthening poses in conjunction with deep, controlled breathing, make yoga a refreshing and rejuvenating form of exercise.

Meditation is also commonly practiced alongside yoga. Although meditation is often associated with eastern religion, it can be practiced secularly. Making time to meditate properly can clear individuals’ headspace and lower anxiety, stress, and depression. Together, yoga and meditation increase individuals’ self-awareness, strength, and flexibility, while also offering various mental health benefits.

Energy Healing

In energy healing sessions, individuals are guided to address past trauma, unhealed wounds, and self-destructive behavior. Healers will help individuals acknowledge, transform, and release these weights in their lives. Our healers are sensitive, gentle, and empathetic people who offer clients insight and guidance to their life’s purpose and true selves.

Buddhism-Inspired Philosophy

Buddhism was founded on the teachings of a Nepalese philosopher named Siddartha Gautama nearly 2500 years ago. His doctrine states that suffering is a product of desire and addiction, and that all human beings can achieve spiritual freedom by learning to let go of their attachments to these objects. Since then, billions of people have been enlightened by his teachings. Buddhism is based on the discipline of the mind and teaches its followers to live wisely, kindly, and self-sufficiently.

At the Divine House, clients have the opportunity to learn principles that are inspired by Buddhism. This holistic service does not ask or require clients to believe in anything and never preaches the religion itself. What makes Buddhism different from other major world religions is that it is fundamentally nontheistic; Siddartha Gautama never referenced a higher power or being, and focused entirely on the individual. By following a Buddhist-inspired philosophy and training themselves to be self-sufficient and level-headed, recovering individuals can learn the skills needed to free themselves from dependencies and addiction.

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