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You think you’re more social, but self-perception is skewed when you use meth.

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About Meth.

Meth (or methamphetamine) is a synthetic stimulant that allows the user to quickly reach intense drug-related euphoria. A bitter, odorless crystalline powder, it is commonly referred to blue, crystal, ice, meth, or speed, and can be smoked, swallowed (as a pill), snorted, and injected. It stays in your body for about 2-10 days and can be detected in urine for about 72 hours, while blood tests can detect meth for up to 48 hours, saliva tests can detect the drug one to two days after last use, and hair tests can detect the drug for up to three months.

Identifying it.

Although not physically addictive, meth is psychologically addictive. Meth is three times as powerful as cocaine, and one of the most difficult drugs to quit. Meth is not only dangerous due to its addictive properties, but also because of their ingredients. It is incredibly dangerous as its consumption immediately leads to the destruction of the brain and central nervous system, as well as the individual’s dental structure, producing ‘meth mouth,’ the deterioration of the teeth and gums whilst the roots decompose from the inside out. Meth addiction symptoms include euphoria, psychosis, seizures, depression, aggressive and violent behavior, severe dental problems, dramatic weight loss, dilation of pupils, disturbed sleep patterns, and nausea. Meth usage is the onset of obsessive behaviors, paranoia, aggression, hallucinations and delusions.

Treating it.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, family education, 12-step programs, and contingency management interventions have all been proven to be effective treatments for meth abusers. Contingency management interventions give the patient incentive to engage in treatment and abstain from further use, while cognitive behavior therapy concentrates on the underlying causes of the emotions and thoughts that lead to mental illness. This is centered in the concept that thoughts and emotions translate into behavior and control over the former leads to control of the latter. Unfortunately, there are currently no medications deemed safe and effective as treatment.
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