Once You’ve Graduated from Our Residential Rehab in San Diego 

Do you look at rehab facilities and think something like: “well, that all looks great, but what happens after I leave?” Have you been reticent about heading to a residential rehab in San Diego (or somewhere similar) due to concerns about how it will affect lasting change in your life? These are common, legitimate concerns. It’s one thing to be sober in an environment where you literally cannot be around any kind of drugs or alcohol; it’s something else to do so once you leave that environment. Those are just some of the reasons that, at the Divine House, we do everything in our power to prepare you for that day, while providing effective aftercare options tailored to your needs.


To make sure that you’re ready to leave the Divine House, we prepare for that day long in advance. For example, your team here at Divine House begins work with you on your discharge plan while you’re stabilizing at detox. That means concrete, actionable recommendations about how you can stay sober once you leave our doors. You’ll have everything you need in regards to finding therapists, facilities, and more, even if you live out of state. The “aftercare” process begins long before you leave, so that you’re more than prepared by the time it comes.

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Building a Foundation for Your Life at Our Residential Rehab in San Diego

Detoxification and “getting clean” are really just the beginning. Once that’s occurred, your care team works with you on the kinds of life skills that can help you to be ready for just about anything in life. There will be challenges when you leave, yes, but there will be opportunities as well. By doing everything from helping you with family concerns to taking you to meetings and more, you’ll have what you need to not only meet those challenges, but move past them, too.

Divine House Alumni

While you may walk out of our doors when your stay at our residential rehab is over, our doors will not be closed to you. We stay in touch with every patient no matter where they might be, so as to build a caring, supportive community. You’ll note that we said we “stay in touch with every patient.” We did notsay “we stay in touch with most patients,” or “we stay in touch with every patient more or less.” No, we stay in touch with every patient. It’s one more way that we can build a community centered around recovery.

First Steps Forward

The first step towards aftercare, of course, is getting care in the first place. For so many of us, that’s incredibly difficult. It’s entirely possible that something in your head right now is saying something like: “don’t listen to them. That aftercare won’t work. You shouldn’t even try.” That’s not true. There is always hope. We’re always here to listen. To learn more or just to talk to someone, you can reach us at (877) 348-4361.