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For those who are struggling with overcoming addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, Divine House offers a full dual-diagnosis continuum of care for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) including detox, inpatient residential treatment and a full suite of outpatient programs with sober living options. These include partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient (OP) treatment programs. Divine House also offers programs for those struggling primarily with Mental Health issues through our Divine Life Mental Health Outpatient Program.


For people who are just beginning their journey towards substance abuse rehabilitation. This is a 5-7 day initial program that is done in-house with 24/7 medical care and supervision.

resideresidential inpatient treatmentntial inpatient treatment

Residential Treatment

For people who require 24-hour clinical support. Patients in residential care live on-site and work through an individualized treatment plan featuring individual, group, and family counseling.

Outpatient Treatment PHP & IOP

For people who do not need an inpatient level of care but want continued treatment and support while working and living their lives. Patients in outpatient care (PHP and IOP) live at home, or in a sober living, and continue to receive individual and group counseling, therapy and treatment.

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Co-Occurring Disorders

For people who contend with both substance abuse and mental health. We offer dual diagnosis treatment for individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more.

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Mental Health

For those seeking to establish stability in their thoughts and behaviors. Improving mental health is integral to recovery, and cognitive therapy is valuable for both people with diagnosed disorders and people without.

Sober Living Homes

Our beautiful gender specific sober living homes provide structure, safety, and support for those who have completed detox or an inpatient rehab program or are looking for reinforcement in their recovery and aren’t quite ready to be on their own.

Comprehensive Treatment Options

Residential Rehab with Detox

Residential addiction treatment goes a step further than intensive outpatient programs do. In this kind of program, patients live on site, where they undergo gender-specific treatment and do all of their program work at the facility. Residential care is geared toward individuals who are struggling with active chemical dependency and require 24/7 monitoring and structure to help them succeed.

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Before beginning residential drug treatment, patients go through an initial detoxification process to safely overcome the physical dependency. During detox, patients are carefully monitored and given care to minimize the risks of drug or alcohol withdrawal.

After this period, patients are able to start individualized plans featuring individual, group, and family counseling. Through a combination of 12-step recovery program sessions, cognitive therapy and other evidence-based care, patients work through the issues underlying their addiction and learn new skills for a life of sobriety.

We also provide dual diagnosis treatment to residential patients dealing with drug and alcohol use disorders as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. In addition to personal, group and family therapy for drug addiction, we also offer inpatient depression treatment, trauma recovery programs, and more.

At Divine House, we find that patients succeed best in a comfortable environment with a caring, personalized approach. The housing and amenities at our San Diego drug addiction treatment center are designed to be spacious, tranquil and secure, giving patients a restful environment in which to recover.

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive outpatient treatment is a type of drug and alcohol rehab program that offers a combination of intensive support and flexibility. IOP treatment is geared toward individuals who don’t currently have a physical dependency, do not require detox and are not at significant risk of relapse. They may have already done detox elsewhere, or they may be people who previously completed an in-depth inpatient treatment program and need some additional help to maintain their recovery.

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Because IOP patients don’t need as much monitoring or structure as residential patients, they’re able to live at home or in a sober living, maintain their regular job, and meet their usual obligations. Individuals have more freedom to set and adjust their own therapeutic schedule, so long as they meet program expectations.

Additional Information for Addiction Treatment Programs

For Residential Treatment and Detox

Detox at Divine House takes about 7-10 days, but can vary depending on factors like age, weight, gender, average substance dose, frequency of use, and other underlying health conditions. Every individual’s experience with drug and alcohol rehab is unique, and it’s important to give it the full amount of time necessary.

Once the body has finished processing and eliminating any remaining substances, the patient can be cleared for the residential phase. They’ll then transition into a tailored inpatient program, which features about 6 hours of clinical programming with biweekly individual therapy sessions.

Altogether, the process of detox and residential treatment takes an average of about 15-30 days. Again, it’s important to remember that recovery is not a race; every individual completes detox and treatment in their own time.

For Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Because IOP treatment doesn’t require patients to go through drug and alcohol detox, this kind of program doesn’t require as much total time as residential care. Because IOP is more flexible and allows you to work through your program while working and maintaining regular obligations, the amount of time it takes for you to finish treatment will vary.

At Divine House, we have your long-term success in mind from the very start. While you’re stabilizing in detox, your team will already be working with you on a robust, detailed discharge plan. This plan will guide you through transitioning back into your regular life and make recommendations to help you stay on your path of sobriety.

If you’ve traveled out of state to our addiction treatment facility in San Diego, our discharge planner will help you find a therapist or treatment center back home. They’ll even help you make the necessary phone calls and set up your initial appointments, so everything is set for you when you return home.

We don’t leave you to figure out your substance-free life on your own. Your care team will support you even beyond your main program. When treatment comes to an end and you start transitioning back into normal daily life, we’ll help you with life skills, family concerns, and even transportation to off-site recovery meetings. Whatever it takes to get you ready for the next step in successful recovery, we’re there to provide it.

Recovery doesn’t end when you complete our program; it’s a long road, and it is with that in mind that we created our aftercare for alumni. We stay in touch with each and every one of our patients, creating a community centered around recovery and maintenance with a place for every individual.

In this program, former patients continue to learn relapse prevention skills and receive support at weekly alumni meetings and social events. All patients who have completed our programs can participate in our alumni program, finding peers to help them do the constant maintenance and upkeep that recovery requires.

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