Anxiety & Addiction Treatment Programs in San Diego, CA

Anxiety & Addiction - Dual Diagnosis Treatment in San Diego

Anxiety and addiction are mental illnesses that affect millions of Americans. In fact, numerous studies have shown strong links between addiction and several types of anxiety disorders such as social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Like depression, anxiety and substance abuse are one of the most common co-occurring disorders in the United States.

What Are Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety, an inability to calm the nerves, can occur with addiction (called a co-occurring disorder), and is one of the most common mental health disorders. The National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions involved over 43,000 adults. 15% of people with GAD and those suffering from other anxiety disorders also had one or more substance use disorders.

The risk factors for alcohol-induced anxiety rise when a person attempts to stop using on their own and experiences drug or alcohol withdrawal. Some addictive substances can also cause these and several other severe anxiety symptoms to appear:

  • Panic
  • Sweating
  • Sleep issues
  • Tremors

These and other physical symptoms of anxiety can be so intense that they interfere with the ability to navigate and enjoy everyday life. It is this interference that many times perpetuates the abusive use of drugs and alcohol.

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therapist working with group of drug addicts

The symptoms of substance use disorders (SUD) may be subtle at first and then intensify over time. These symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Trying to stop using drugs or alcohol several times without success
  • Needing more of a substance than before to achieve a high
  • Mood swings and personality changes
  • Financial, employment, and legal problems

When anxiety and substance abuse disorders occur together, a person may attempt to ease anxiety disorder symptoms by self-medicating with substance use. Although this may be effective at first, it is short-lived and the costs can be catastrophic.

Over time, a person may develop an addiction to drugs while trying to ease mental illness symptoms. However, because anxiety can worsen with higher substance amounts, it can quickly become a substance-induced anxiety disorder.

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A person diagnosed with both addiction and mental illness has received what is called a dual diagnosis. Effective treatment for anxiety and addiction focuses on both anxiety and addiction simultaneously using several methods.

The Divine House Approach to Dual Diagnosis Anxiety Treatment in San Diego

The anxiety disorder and addiction treatment available at Divine House is highly individualized.

Our center offers panic disorder treatment in San Diego and anxiety counseling, as well as treatment for substance abuse and mental health conditions like anxiety and PTSD.

Our skilled and experienced team of  psychiatrists, psychologists, and other professionals administer highly effective rehabilitation for anxious addicts with multiple psychiatric disorders. Through detox, medication, support groups, group counseling, and more, participants learn coping strategies for intense fear and panic attacks as they receive treatment and medical supervision to overcome drug abuse, triggers, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism.

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If you are experiencing the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, have tried to stop drinking or using drugs, and are seeking professional assistance with treating anxiety and alcohol use disorder or drug addiction, you can get the help and treatment you need at Divine House; contact us today.

Treating Anxiety Beyond Addiction & Dual Diagnosis

Introducing the Divine Life Mental Health Outpatient Program

Although the overwhelming majority of patients suffering from addiction (substance use disorder or SUD) also suffer from some form of mental health issue such as anxiety (dual diagnosis); not all patients suffering from mental health issues also suffer from addiction (primary mental health). This distinction between dual diagnosis and primary mental health is critical in providing the best and most appropriate care for our patients. For some dual diagnosis patients, their battle with anxiety continues to persist well after their active addiction is in remission. Equally, there are many patients who suffer from anxiety with very little to no addiction component. It is for these patients that the Divine Life primary mental health outpatient program in San Diego was created.

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Divine House certified doctors and clinical staff

The Divine Life mental health outpatient program offers focused and highly effective mental health treatment provided by the same expert team of psychiatric doctors, therapists and mental healthcare professionals offered by Divine House. Conveniently located in the city hills just minutes away from the Divine House inpatient treatment facility, Divine Life’s beautifully remodeled 3-office outpatient facility offers clients the flexible access and amenities they need to successfully treat their mental health conditions.

It is this comprehensive offering of both dual diagnosis substance abuse and primary mental health that sets Divine House and Divine Life above and beyond the majority of treatment options available in Southern California.