Depression & Addiction Dual Diagnosis Treatment in San Diego, CA

Depression & Addiction

Depressive and substance use disorders are the most common dual diagnosed disorders in the substance abuse treatment world. Depression is generally characterized by persistent and chronic sadness alongside feelings of worthlessness and the lack of interest in pleasure-seeking for extended periods. It is a mental health disorder that interferes with daily functioning, disrupting sleep and relationships, as well as the cognitive processing of the brain, leading to dissonance in the way that information, emotions, and complex problems are thought out.

From a dual diagnostic standpoint, drug and alcohol abuse are incredibly destructive to the normal and healthy chemical balances within the brain. As such, it can be difficult to determine if a patient’s depression, in whole or in part, is caused by or rather independent of their substance abuse. Because of this, experienced and professional dual diagnosis treatment is critical for the patient’s success.

The National Institute of Health reports that more than 16 million adults in the United States experience an episode of major depression per year, with the likelihood of a person developing depression at approximately 10 percent.

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There are many depressive mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder, psychotic depression, postpartum depression, and seasonal affective disorder.

Clinical Depression Symptoms

Symptoms include feelings of sadness and irritability on a daily basis, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, weight loss or appetite changes, trouble with sleep, feelings of restlessness, lack of energy, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, difficulty with concentration and decision making, and thoughts of self-harm and suicidal ideation.

Depression and Substance Abuse

Depression and addiction commonly co-occur when a person chooses to relieve their depression symptoms by abusing alcohol. Over time, more drugs and alcohol may be needed to achieve symptom relief, which can result in the development of addiction.

If left without treatment for depression, mental health can worsen, and serious long-term physical damage can occur from alcohol abuse.

People diagnosed with both mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) are said to have a co-occurring condition or been given a dual diagnosis.

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How We Might Treat It

Clinical depression is more than simply a depressed mood. And substance abuse and depression require specific mental health treatment.  Divine House is an inpatient depression treatment center in San Diego that helps people to overcome addiction and depression in several ways.

Our clinical and medical staff are mental health professionals. Our mental health and addiction treatment employs board certified psychiatric doctors and psychotherapists to recognize any underlying substance abuse and mental health problems including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  and their associated triggers. Our inpatient dual diagnosis program helps teach people with depression and concurrent mental health issues how to develop positive coping skills to avoid and overcome symptoms arising from depression and substance abuse.

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Through the recovery process and treatment for severe depression, patients also learn how to adjust to a crisis or stressful situation, improve communication within their interpersonal relationships as well as their self-esteem, redirect negative thoughts, and regain satisfaction and control within their life.

We use cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, problem-solving therapy, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in substance use disorder treatment plans to help patients manage abuse of alcohol, mental illness and personality disorders and achieve their addiction recovery goals.

If you or someone you know struggles with addiction and depression, Divine House offers effective treatment of co-occurring disorders at our San Diego dual diagnosis treatment center. Contact us today.

Treating Anxiety Beyond Addiction & Dual Diagnosis Introducing the Divine Life Mental Health Outpatient Program

Although the overwhelming majority of patients suffering from addiction (substance use disorder or SUD) also suffer from some form of mental health issue such as depressive disorder (dual diagnosis); not all patients suffering from mental health issues also suffer from addiction (primary mental health). This distinction between dual diagnosis and primary mental health is critical in providing the best and most appropriate care for our patients. For some dual diagnosis patients, their battle with depression continues to persist well after their active addiction is in remission. Equally, there are many patients who suffer from depressive disorder with very little to no addiction component. It is for these patients that the Divine Life primary mental health outpatient program in San Diego was created.

family addiction therapy
Divine House certified doctors and clinical staff

The Divine Life mental health outpatient program offers focused and highly effective mental health treatment provided by the same expert team of psychiatric doctors, therapists and mental healthcare professionals offered by Divine House. Conveniently located in the city hills just minutes away from the Divine House inpatient treatment facility, Divine Life’s beautifully remodeled 3-office outpatient facility offers clients the flexible access and amenities they need to successfully treat their mental health conditions.

It is this comprehensive offering of both dual diagnosis substance abuse and primary mental health that sets Divine House and Divine Life above and beyond the majority of treatment options available in Southern California.