Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Center in San Diego, CA

Not everyone with Borderline Personality Disorder has experienced childhood abuse.

What is Personality Disorder?

Personalities develop over time through experiences, environments, and inherited characteristics, factoring in upbringing, formal years, and DNA. Personality disorders arise when these personalities lead into unusual ways of thinking about ourselves, abnormal empathy with others, and unpredictable behaviors. The nature of personality disorders makes it difficult for the individual to recognize personality disorders within themselves. However, common symptoms of personality disorders include frequent isolation/withdrawal, unstable relationships, poor impulse control, frequent angry outbursts/mood swings, co-occurring substance use disorder, need for instant gratification, and appearing unemotional. These patterns will translate into every aspect of the individual’s life with severe repercussions for their relationships and work life.

How we might treat it.

Divine House helps clients identify and recognize their triggers, guiding them to the development of positive coping skills. We offer detoxification, residential treatment programs, outpatient programs, and online programs.