Sober Living at Divine House

Welcome to Divine House, where we take a unique approach to sober living.

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Sober Living at Divine House

Our world-class team combines holistic and traditional addiction treatment methods with evidence-based care to provide a completely unique experience for our residents.

Our gender specific sober living homes provide structure, safety, and support for those who have either completed detox or an inpatient rehab program or are looking for reinforcement in their recovery and aren’t quite ready to be on their own.

Divine House is staffed by experienced medical professionals and counselors. We are licensed to provide daily drug and alcohol testing and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help residents sustain a sober lifestyle and prevent relapse.

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We’re an inspiring, supportive, cutting-edge sober living community.

We believe recovery is better in a supportive community. Our gender specific sober living residences immerse you in a welcoming environment with peers and recovery experts who are committed to long-term recovery. Starting a new sober life can feel overwhelming. Daily support and encouragement can make a huge difference, especially in the early days of recovery. Our goal is to help you stay sober, create meaningful connections, and find joy and meaning in the pleasures of each day.
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Tucked into the hills above the city, our safe, structured and comfortable sober living homes in San Diego are the ideal recovery retreat.

Each gender specific and professionally managed home is conveniently located near our inpatient and outpatient facilities and just minutes from population centers where jobs, education and public amenities await. Their suburban location makes for a quiet and peaceful sanctuary, yet still within easy reach of the city. Beautiful beaches, restaurants, entertainment, and work and educational opportunities are just a short drive away.


With the support of our recovery team in one of the country’s most beautiful seaside locations, Divine House will help you through the vital early stages of your recovery journey.

Why Sober Living?

Detox and drug rehab are important first steps in addiction treatment and getting your mental and physical health back on track. But the sudden change from a highly structured rehab environment to life at home can be challenging if not overwhelming. For many people in early recovery, this transition back into life is the most critical and fragile step they will take, and without the right support it can result in immediate relapse. A safe and structured Sober living has proven to be highly effective in easing this transition.

Our sober living team provides the daily support you need to ease back into life at home. You’ll be able to work or go to school and manage other responsibilities while knowing you have a safe base to return to each night.

Time spent in sober living can be incredibly beneficial. This vital period gives you time to navigate life outside of a rehab setting while still getting the support you need.

At Divine House, you’ll live with others who are also on the path to recovery. Your peers in sober living can help keep you accountable and motivate you to keep going.

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These relationships can be life changing. In fact, it’s not uncommon for patients in our sober living program to develop meaningful and long-lasting connections with their roommates. Here are some of the benefits of sober living at Divine House:
  • Daily support from peers, and regular access to counselors, and medical staff
  • Comfortable accommodations in a quiet residential setting
  • Well-appointed shared or individual bedrooms
  • Luxury amenities
  • Healthy meals
  • Nutrition education
  • Access to holistic and experiential activities, such as yoga, beach walks, and meditation
  • Supported and continued participation in outpatient programming including individual and group counseling and therapy sessions
  • Skills training and resume building
  • Life planning and continuing education
Our staff will work with you to establish a daily routine based around your schedule. In general, patients in our sober living program continue to attend treatment in one of our outpatient programs which, depending on their individual program, include daily group sessions and weekly or bi-weekly individual counseling and therapy sessions. For those in need of long-term medication-assisted treatment maintenance for opioid or alcohol addiction (commonly referred to as a “maintenance program”), our professional team of medical and psychiatric doctors will continue to oversee your care and provide support and guidance.
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World-Class Staff. Restorative Amenities.
Connections for Life.

Life in our sober living homes offers so much more than just a safe and structured place to live. From the professionalism of our staff to the quality of our facilities, the collective Divine House addiction treatment program is a comprehensive, all level of care wraparound treatment program that surrounds and supports each client with unmatched addiction treatment services. At all levels of care including detoxification, inpatient and outpatient, the addiction treatment services at Divine House are designed and administered by a handpicked team of medical and psychiatric doctors, top therapists and addiction counselors and a team of experienced treatment professionals – all with decades of combined experience.

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We understand the unique needs and challenges of people with alcohol and drug addiction, and we believe a supportive sobriety community gives people the best chances of recovery.

Our team is well connected to San Diego’s robust recovery community and will ensure you receive the finest care and resources for recovery. It’s what sets Divine House apart and makes our sober living homes some of the best in Southern California.

Our team is dedicated to building trust, instilling hope, and nurturing connections. We are committed to providing you with the emotional, physical, and spiritual support you need for long-lasting recovery.

Benefits of Sober Living at Divine Life

Immerse Yourself in the San Diego Recovery Community

San Diego has one of the most robust recovery communities in the nation. It’s no surprise, given the area’s high employment rate, spectacular beaches, and mild weather. San Diego is a natural draw for those who want to connect with nature and be inspired to get a fresh start.

Give yourself the gift of extra time to adjust to your new sober life at one of our beautiful gender specific San Diego sober living homes. More than any other factor the statistics are clear; extended treatment programs are proven to increase the chances of long-term success more than any other factor.

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Affordable Sober Living Services

We strive to keep sober living costs affordable for our residents. Divine House works with several insurance plans (in-network), including Cigna and MultiPlan.

We also accept out-of-network plans from Aetna, Anthem/Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Humana, Magellan, Imperial County Medi-Cal, and many others.

Divine House also accepts cash payment plans. Contact our administrative team to go over all your payment options. We will work with you to find an affordable solution. We know sober living is a financial commitment, but your future is worth it.

Ready to join our sober community?

Whether you’re researching sober living for yourself or are concerned about a loved one, we welcome you to reach out to us at (619) 304-6467 for a free and private consultation. Get in touch to learn more and read about why residents love Divine House.