Stopping addiction together: The journey at our San Diego detox centers

Are you in the process of researching San Diego detox centers but haven’t yet found something that really connects with you? Does it seem like each of the facilities you look into, no matter how qualified, still seem to lack something? Here at the Divine House, we’re proud of our facility, our treatments, and the community we’ve cultivated. To that end, we do what we can to make our facility transparent, so that you can know as much about us as possible before reaching out. When someone’s looking at a detox and rehab facility, whether for themselves or someone they care about, they deserve to have access to as much information as possible so as to make the best decision.

Detox: 2 to 3 Days to Begin Anew

When someone struggling with addiction thinks of “detox,” they tend to think of it as a lengthy, drawn-out process. Certainly, detoxification can be challenging. Our trained medical professionals, for example, can make it easier on a person, but no one would ever classify detox as “easy.” That said, here at the Divine House, it only lasts two to three days. Now, those days present difficulties. But, our medical staff will be right there by your side the entire time. That way, you can come out of detox clean and sober, ready to build a foundation for the rest of your life.

Residential Treatment Program

After detox, most of our patients then go into our residential treatment program. Here, you’ll have, on average, six hours of clinical groups daily, as well as two-individual therapy sessions weekly. Like everything else at our center, these are tailored specifically to the patients’ needs. That’s the focus at every step of the process. So, the number of sessions, how your licensed therapist will address your needs, and so forth — all of this is done with the goal of helping you and you alone. There are no “cookie-cutter” treatments here, no “one size fits all,” or “this worked for someone else so surely it will work for you.” Instead, we focus on the person and what they’re going through.

Treatment for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Don’t get the wrong idea. Life at Divine House isn’t just 24 hours of going from one clinical session to another. The on-site culinary team will make sure that you have delicious, healthy food to help you to recover. You’ll also develop the kinds of life skills that will help you long after you’ve exited the doors of the Divine House, too.

Reaching Out to San Diego Detox Centers

For many, the first step on the road to recovery is one of the most difficult. Reaching out to a facility like ours, whether for yourself or on behalf of someone you care about, can be extraordinarily difficult. That’s why our staff is always more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can message us through our site or call (858) 349-3760.