For the first time in my life, I feel seen and heard.

Divine House is truly special…the professionals here, understand us patients and treat us with respect and dignity.
I feel certain that I will walk out of this facility one day as a changed man. I am eternally grateful to the staff for their care.”


“The Divine House facility is one of the nicest homes I’ve been to so far. I feel safe and cared for here thanks to the incredible staff. It really feels like they listen to you and want you to recover and grow. So far my stay has helped me process and heal from my past, even though it’s not easy. I can’t thank them enough.”


“I have liked the treatment so far. Level of care is excellent and staff is very hands-on and attentive. I myself can be difficult sometimes and the employees have been very understanding. Consistency is my only complaint but I believe it has been addressed and I like the new schedule. I feel at home here. The food is always excellent quality and consistent. Groups are my favorite part here at Divine House the people that lead them and content have been consistent and great. I have improved here more than anywhere.”


“My time spent at Divine House has given me a lot of personal growth and room to reflect. I checked myself in 3 weeks ago after relapsing and deciding that enough was enough. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I always feel comfortable and welcomed here by the staff, good food, group sessions. What I like most is how there are activities besides just therapy and counseling. We can choose from yoga, acupuncture, and other calming activities that I never tried before. Overall I’m grateful for all the support and learning experiences I’ve gained from Divine House.”


“My name is Steven M. I have been at Divine House for 21 days. I was referred by Mercy Hospital after I realized after 6 weeks of drinking tequila every day that it wasn’t helping my anxiety and stress issues but I had become an alcoholic.

It was hard at first. I had second thoughts about coming here plus I was going through alcohol withdrawals. With the help of the staff and some deep introspection, I realized what had triggered my anxiety… They taught me why the problem had arisen and many different has to change my train of thought when I think about alcohol or any other things that can poison my mind. I always thought things like yoga or meditation were not my kind of thing but here I found out they really work. They focus your mind on peaceful and calm thoughts.

The staff here is top-notch from top to bottom. They all really do care about my health and well-being. Not only are they medical and psychological professionals but they are teachers as well. My stay here has turned my life around and given a great outlook to my future. Divine House is the real deal. I will forever cherish the friendships I have made with my fellow roommates and the staff.”

Steven M.

“Divine House is an all-around great rehabilitation environment. I like their approach to treating addicts such as myself. I’ve tried 12-step programs and AA but they just didn’t work well for me. Alternative holistic approaches such as those practiced at this center were definitely the way to go for my situation. The staff does a great job helping us learn them too, they’re very patient and understanding. ”


“ Everyone I’ve met at Divine House has been very kind and nonjudgmental, which helps relieve my anxiety and stress about transferring to a new facility. The rooms are always clean and well-decorated so you feel at ease and comfortable. Even though I am a picky eater, the food is always good, so no complaints there. The staff is great and so nice. I enjoy one on one therapy sessions best because I feel most comfortable that way, but groups have been helpful too. I’m glad I chose to give Divine House a try, even though it’s still a fairly new facility, because it’s turned out to be one of my favorites out of all the ones I’ve been to. Highly recommend! ”


“My favorite part about Divine House is that you never feel like a patient in an asylum or mental health ward. It feels like a home. This is my first experience with self-motivated recovery and thanks to the staff it’s been an entirely positive one. At first, I felt unsure and ashamed to seek treatment, but the treatment I’ve received here has been life-changing and I don’t regret anything. Thank you so much for everything.”