Weird drug addictions

Weird drug addictions. Addiction is a biophysical disorder mainly manifested by the consumption of drugs that affect the brain and its functions continuously, leading to a dependency on these drugs. It is a complicated neurobiological disorder that requires the treatment combination of the body and mind and the spirit. Addiction treatment can cause lasting or permanent damage to the brain and alter the way it functions. Addiction is not just chronic but is progressive as well. It can also be fatal to the drug addict. The addict feels like functioning without the drug of choice is almost impossible. It can lead to several issues, not just in professional life but even in the consumer’s private life. Over time, these side-effects may be fatal. Marijuana, alcohol, PCP, LSD, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methadone, etc., are the most commonly abused drugs. These are the ones that are easily available and are used at a higher rate than the others.

However, there are several substances that one can be addicted to. These may not necessarily be conventional but are certainly practiced by many addicts. There are an infinite number of substances in the world that alter the mind and produce a drug-like effect. These are extremely strange but can produce very harmful effects on the body. These can be stronger than regular drugs, producing a more adverse effect on the body. Some of these weird drugs can be extremely addictive. 

Here’s the weird addictions list:

  • Gray Death: Gray death is the street name for a combination of many opioids that produce a very dangerous effect on the consumer and is extremely addictive. Gray death can vary from one batch to another, depending on the concentration of each constituent combined. It is not simply one drug but is a combination of several potent drugs and opioids. It mainly contains fentanyl, heroin, and U-47700. All of these are extremely potent narcotics. Along with these, grey death can also be mixed with other substances that the drug dealer may have.

  • Huffing: Inhaling vapor is known as huffing. A gaseous substance is inhaled to achieve the ‘high’ or the intoxication. Glue, permanent markers, rags soaked in gasoline, nitrous oxide, acetone, etc., are the most commonly huffed substances. Huffing is also possible with everyday household items like whipped cream cans, spray cans of liquid cheese, etc. these can cause permanent physical or mental damage. They do not allow oxygen to enter the body, and they cause the heart to beat rapidly and irregularly. The addicts develop lung problems and kidney issues, along with several other health problems.

  • Snake Venom: This is not just a cover name or a street name for the drug. Actual snake venom is used as a drug in many parts of the world. Derivates from reptiles like snakes, scorpions, etc., can be used to substitute drugs. In areas affected by venomous snakes, people inject themselves with the snake’s venom to build up immunity against future bites. It is found that the snake venom also induces hallucinations and can be extremely dangerous. It is hands down the most mess yourself weird addictions.

  • Reindeer Urine: The actual urine of the reindeer contains psychoactive properties. The staple of the reindeer fodder includes fly agaric mushrooms, which produce this psychoactive quality in the urine of the reindeer. The properties of these mushrooms can be extremely toxic. These mushrooms do not cause any harm the reindeer, and the effects on livestock have been studied. It was seen that the urine collected is a safer method of consuming this hallucinogen. Reacting to weird addictions is certainly not easy.

  • Wet:  This is an extremely dangerous drug cocktail. It refers to any drug that is dipped or drenched in liquid PCP or embalming fluid. PCP is not just a powerful hallucinogen but is also a dissociative anesthetic. Embalming fluid is a combination of methanol, ethanol, and formaldehyde, producing a ‘high’ just like that of PCP. The street slangs for these are angel dust, rocket fuel, water, dip, fry, etc.

  • Stilton Cheese: Stilton cheese does not cause direct psychoactivity. However, it does cause intense dreams if consumed before bed. It smells like feet and comes from a few regions of England. It is just as addictive as other drugs because of the substance called casein. It helps in altering brain function, but not like conventional drugs. The intervention of weird addictions is certainly not an easy task.

  • Ayahuasca: This is the most powerful drug that can exist. It was found hundreds of years ago by the Amazonian Tribal Shamans and is very popular in South America. Ayahuasca is a vine that flowers in the Amazon. It is combined with plant-based substances and then brewed into a tea. This plant is extremely potent, and it contains Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). It is the most powerful hallucinogenic substance known to man. The people who consumed ayahuasca have had vivid and realistic hallucinations. DMT has low bio-availability as it is broken down by the enzymes called the monoamine oxidases (MAOs) in the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

  • Licking Toads: This is not a street name of a drug. One can get high by simply licking certain species of toads. The Bufonidae family of amphibians secretes poison that protects them from their predators. When one consumes this poison, they experience the psychoactive effect. It is equivalent to a hallucinogen. However, it is extremely unsanitary and can cause several complications and infections in the consumer. It is one of the weirdest drug addictions.